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How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall

So you want to add a little bit of personality to your home but you don’t want to get the paints and the wallpaper stripper out? A Gallery wall is the answer you are looking for! Whatever your budget, you can build a gallery wall around that, embrace your posters and prints you may have collected over the years, or maybe even showcase new ones that you have had your eye on. A gallery wall can be a real talking point in the home, and it is a chance to dedicate a space to all about you.

But before you take the plunge and start hanging up those prints, it is a good idea to follow the next few steps to make sure you are happy with the result!

1. Do a little research

When approaching how to curate your gallery wall it might be a good idea to make a mood board so you can explore the exact aesthetic that you are looking to achieve. Gather any images that catch your eye and try to imagine a similar layout in your own home.

Where would you put each piece? What room would work the best? Do I want to make my gallery wall a talking point in the living room, or keep it for myself in the bedroom?

Have a good look on Pinterest and remember to consider colour, tone and texture. Do you want a minimal look, a simple colour palette, or maybe you are looking to create a mix match of all of the above?

2. Get Creative

Your gallery wall doesn’t have to just consist of straight lines. Why not mix it up a bit and throw in different shapes and materials. You could include mirrors or tapestry, or maybe even some embroidery. This is your gallery wall so remember to make it personal. Include quotes that lift you up in the morning and motivate you to have a great day! Why not frame your favourite jigsaw puzzle? Not only will this add another element of texture but there are some super cute ones out there that don't deserve to just sit in the box!

3. Method in the Madness

Once you have all of your ideas in place, it is important to not just run away with the excitement. You want to execute your gallery space perfectly! Try and find places where you can be consistent and still connect all of your pieces together. Is this the spacing in between each print? Try and find an overarching theme that can tie it all together. Is there a colour you can pick out to connect each print? You might want to invest in a level to make sure that each frame is perfectly straight and you can create a sense of structure to your masterpiece.

4. Pick a Spot

As previously mentioned, the room in which you decide to display your gallery wall definitely needs considering. Is it something you want to become a focal point or is it more personal to you? Consider lighting and reflections when you are hanging your frames. A bright reflective light may not give your prints the showcase they deserve.

5. Do a Trial Run

Now you have all your ideas in place, don’t reach for the hammer too soon. It is important to do a trial run.  You could use blank pieces of paper and trim them down to the exact size of your posters and prints and arrange it into your preferred layout. Have a play using the paper on your floor before you make your final decision. You may even stumble upon a layout you hadn’t even considered when originally planning your gallery wall!

What We Love!


We love the monochrome look to this gallery wall! Located just above the workspace, these prints are sure to help the creative juices flow. It is important to showcase something that inspires you and this wall does just that!


How cute is this colour palette? We love the pinky hues that tie this gallery wall together! Fill your wall with prints that are personal to you, whether that be uplifting quotes or cityscapes of the places you love.


We love the neutral tones that pull this room together! A gallery wall doesn't have to have hundreds of prints to make it stand out. These two posters work super well together and still create lots of personality.


We love the consistency of the frames in this gallery wall, as it helps tie each element together! No matter if you have a combination of quotes, maps or illustrations, using the same style frame can make your prints feel part of the same family.


The frames in this gallery wall are stunning! It really helps bring each print together as well as complimenting the chest of drawers beautifully. We love the placement of these prints and how it creates a cosy little corner of the room.


We love the creativity used in this gallery wall! The velvet home have used a decorative wall mounted piece as well as some stunning prints. There is also a consistent theme used throughout the wall and it really ties it together beautifully.

Check Out Our Pinterest for More Inspo!

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