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Mindfulness Whilst At Home

7 ways to achieve mindfulness whilst isolating

We have heard a lot over the years about the importance of mindfulness, but there has never been a better time to practice it! Your daily routine may have shifted slightly or even dramatically, so it is normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed.

It’s so important to remember that your wellbeing is vital through all of this and staying in the present is key. We have put together some suggestions to help you keep things mindful and positive whilst you're at home.

1. Eating Well

It’s so very easy when your at home to snack all day long because there’s nothing else to do! While treating yourself is also important, keeping your diet healthy and eating regularly can help your mood and energy levels.

Try cooking from scratch and allow yourself to enjoy the process. Even if you’re not the best cook, try popping on some music and pretending you’re on a fancy cooking show. You will feel rewarded with your efforts and you never know you might discover cooking is your thing! We have gathered some easy recipes to create here.

2. Keep Routine

Keeping a routine can be really good for your mind, writing down a plan may be just what you need. Don’t get us wrong, lying about all day can work some days when you just need a lazy day, and above all, you have to listen to your body! But every day is not ideal.

For some keeping the same routine where you get up at a similar time, exercise or meal plan can be the way forward or maybe even use this time as an opportunity to practice a new routine, go to bed earlier and get a longer more refreshing sleep, start exercising if you hadn’t managed to fit it in before. It’s your routine you can make it suit you how you want!

3. Find Ways to Relax

Relaxation is so important, most of the time we are on the go and sometimes forget to let ourselves enjoy the slower moments in life. This is a perfect time to reconnect with how you enjoy relaxing and to discover something new.

Find something carefree on TV that you have wanted to watch for a long time or maybe get creative! Whether it's diving into a book or treating yourself to a facemask there are so many ways you can explore what relaxation might mean to you. Remember to let yourself enjoy it, let go of the pressures around and just focus on what you're doing in the moment.

4. Keep Your Mind Stimulated

Another important part of your routine is keeping your mind active and challenged. Puzzles can be a great form of mindfulness and bring together everyone in your household. Or if you’re craving a bit of me-time it can be a great project for yourself.

Why not try and learn a new skill like a new language! Enjoy the challenge. Explore our games and puzzles here.

5. Create A Nice Environment

Create somewhere that you want to be, your surrounding can have a massive effect on your mood! If your room is messy why not give it a good organise or get rid of all the out of date stuff in the back of your cupboards.

You can even use this time to create comfort, plants are a natural mood booster so why not nurture your indoor jungle, whether this is your bedroom, living room, or even all around the house!

7. Work From Home

If you have recently found yourself having to work from home, it can be easy to roll out of bed and straight to your computer without brushing your teeth. It might be a good idea to assess your home working environment to make sure that it improves your overall wellbeing.

We have put together some tips and advice to get the best out of your new workspace here.

8. Stay Connected

Mindfulness can be more than staying calm and quiet. It's important to stay connected to friends and family if your keeping isolated. Why not start a new family WhatsApp group to stay in touch or video chat with your grandparents. 

If your worried about running out of things to talk about you could maybe arrange to watch the same film at the same time or start a book club! This is a good time to really appreciate the people you have around (even if they physically can’t be around) remember we are all in this together and staying connected will keep us strong.

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