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Isolation Inspiration Station

We all seem to have found ourselves in very peculiar circumstances recently. With a lot of uncertainty floating about, some of us are working from home for the first time without really knowing what the hell to do! How do I schedule my day? What do you mean I don’t have to queue for the microwave? Whose turn is it to make the tea? 

These may be just a few of the many questions you have. So let us help you ease into your new office and those working from home nerves! We want to help you feel somewhat normal, and how to get the best out of your working day. We all may feel a little thrown in at the deep end, but at least we can all be in it together!

Step One

Get ready as if you are going to the office

The mental association you make when you get ready for the office can make you more productive. Whereas if you stay in your PJs all day, this can make you want to hit the pillow… not the desk. You may have cut out a chunk of your day by not having to commute, but it is important to not fall into the habit of rolling out of bed and crawling to your workspace. Instead, get up, get ready, maybe do a home workout, have some breakfast and prepare for your day as if it is your normal routine. 

Step Two

Set up a designated work space

Having a designated workspace is important, as it can help you get into the right frame of mind. Like we mentioned before, being in your pyjamas may have a mental association with sleep, and working from your bed may have the same effect. So setting up a cute little work zone will get those cogs turning and hopefully get you motivated! 

If you don’t have much room, don’t start making big changes for a temporary situation, instead, make the most of what you have. Do you have a breakfast bar or a Dining table? Anywhere you can sit comfortably for the day will work just fine! Make the space your own, perhaps you can now do things that are restricted in an office, like lighting a candle or having your pet nearby. However you set up your space, just make sure it is separate from where you will be spending your downtime after work. This way you can define between working and relaxing.

Step Three

Structure Your Day

 When working from home you are your own personal manager. When to start? When to finish? It is important to keep a routine, so whether this is the routine you’re used to or a slight adjustment, make sure you have a designated start time and end time. This way you can make a perfect work/life balance… But more on that later. It is easy to get distracted at home, you have a fully equipped kitchen a few steps away, the tv, books, and of course your bed (We love naps) However, before each day, write down all that you have to do, and maybe jot down a time scale you want to stick to so you can work towards mini goals. Decide on a lunchtime when you begin your day so you can schedule work around it! For example, “I want to get X, Y, Z done before lunch”

Step Four

Get Some Fresh Air

When you are working in the office, you are getting fresh air every day, no matter if you commute via train, car, or if you walk. Even if it is just from walking to the train station to the office, you are still getting that change of scenery every day. So this is important to maintain when working remotely. Why not just take a quick break and a power walk around the block, sit outside in the garden, or even just open the window and let the light flood in! Make sure you are still getting some time outside in daylight hours if possible! You never know what may inspire you when you are out in the fresh air. This is also essential to maintain those all-important steps to ensure you are not sitting down all day, and can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Step Five

Make defined break-out zones

When you are at home all day, the line between the working day and the evening may become a little bit blurred and you may not fully switch off. That is why it is important to stick to similar areas in the home where you “work” while other areas are designated for pure relaxation and rest. When you finish simply shut your laptop away, switch off your computer and turn on some relaxing music to help you transition into the evenings. Try and resist the temptation to log back onto your emails, instead find comfort in defined break out zones. Such as the living room, or the kitchen. Cook yourself something delicious and put something comforting on the telly. Why not read a book or do a jigsaw puzzle. Try a new hobby or get back into an activity you enjoy such as painting or crafting.

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