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Working From Home Lunch Recipes

We have gathered together some healthy home lunches with ingredients you probably already have!

Some of you are working from home for the first time and are now faced with the freedom of having a fully functioning kitchen at lunchtime! It is important to use what you already have in the cupboards at home as we don’t want to waste food. But that doesn’t mean you can't whip up something healthy and delicious!

You are no longer limited to just the microwave but can actually cook something that will stretch out for lunch for the week or maybe even a few dinners!

Controversial… Is it breakfast, lunch, dinner OR breakfast, dinner, tea!?

Whatever you call it, say goodbye to meal deals and hello to a variety of easy, quick, delicious and cheap meals!

Pesto Pasta Salad

Pesto Pasta Salad is a good, filling, staple recipe! A jar of pesto can stretch a long way and pasta is incredibly versatile! It doesn’t matter what shape or size your pasta of choice is, any kind will work just fine. The beauty of this meal is it doesn’t require lots of ingredients; you can chuck whatever you have left over in the fridge, and can even fry up a bit of chicken! (However this is not essential) You need 20 minutes to prepare and whatever is left you can whack in a bit of Tupperware and have for days to follow! Simple! Here is a fabulous recipe for you to follow

Noodle Soup

Noodle soup is such a simple recipe to follow and you can make of it what you will! Whatever you have lingering in the fridge, throw it in! Make it veggie or throw some chicken or turkey in your soup, whatever you fancy! The beauty of this recipe is… You guessed it… It can sort you out for the week depending on how much you make. The ingredients are cheap and hopefully you already have most of them in the house… check it out here

Tuna Salad

Everyone has the odd can of tuna hanging about in their cupboard! It is such a versatile ingredient, use it with a jacket potato, make it into a sandwich or even create a magnificent salad (you can also plonk an egg on it to make it extra fancy) This recipe is super healthy and has all the nutrients, protein and other healthy stuff you need! Check it out here

Pita Pizza

Pita breads are great because they are super cheap and have quite a good shelf life! This recipe really doesn’t need many ingredients at all! All you need are the pitas (of course) a tomato base, a bit of cheese, and then the world is your oyster ready for whatever you want to dress it up with! Make a veggie supreme or a meat feast. Whatever you have in the fridge, chuck it on the pita pizza of perfection! Check out the deliciousness here

Burrito Bowl

This is your burrito bowl. And it can be anything you want it to be! Whether you use microwavable rice or rice you have to boil. This will make the base of your bowl and you can flavour it however you want. Chop up all the fresh ingredients you have and add some spice. Throw on some cheese if you are feeling a little bit naughty and hey presto! Your burrito bowl! Here is a great recipe to try…

Eggs Eggs Eggs

Eggs, eggs, eggs! Fry them, boil them poach them and scramble them! A box of eggs is a great investment when working from home, as they are quick and incredibly easy and there really is no end to how you can have them! Everyone has there eggs a little bit differently it just depends on personal preference! Here we have a link to a selection of egg recipes for you to enjoy! Whether you just plop them onto some toast or go the whole hog and make a shakshuka! Check it out here

Jazzy Beans on Toast

Beans on toast? Boring? Never! Jazz those beans up and create a spicy sensation! Beans on toast is a fabulous staple, and it's something that most of us will have in our cupboards and is super duper easy to make. This recipe uses only a few ingredients but is packed with flavour! Check it out here.

Chickpea Minestrone Soup

This little recipe is full of protein and deliciousness! With only a few ingredients needed it has never been simpler! And if you are feeling especially experimental add in some delicious cheesy goodness. This soup can sort you out for lunches across the week! Check out the full recipe here.

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