Planning your next adventure? Here are some travel tips to help you along the way!

It's always a good time to start planning your next adventure. We have put together a handy list of things you might want to think of before you embark on your travels.

1. Pack Well

  • Check the expiry date on your passport
  • Make a list of everything you need
  • Take the right plug adapter along with an extension lead
  • Look up how cabin crew packs and fold their clothes.

2. Save Money

  • Set a realistic budget
  • The best time to book flights that will save money is on average 5 weeks in advance
  • However, book well in advance if booking at a peak season

3. Keep Safe

  • Before you travel check to see if there are any recommended injections
  • Take a first aid kit, be prepared for common ailments
  • Give yourself time to adjust to the local food
  • Avoid food places that the locals don't seem to be eating in

4. Be Respectful & Kind

  • Avoid offence by learning key phrases
  • Follow the lead of the locals, e.g removing shoes, covering up
  • Be aware of hand gestures as some might be offensive
  • Spend your money so it gives back to the community

5. Avoid Disappointment

  • Check the weather and microclimates of your destination
  • Get clued up on local scams, so you don't fall into a trap
  • Get good travel insurance
  • Don't walk around with a camera, phones or cards on show. Take a bag with interior pockets for valuables

6. Enjoy Your Time

  • Don't let the weather disappoint, there's plenty to do if the rain appears, look up local activities
  • Disconnect and allow yourself time to experience your trip.
  • Try the local food
  • Don't put pressure on yourself to do every single thing. Just relax and enjoy yourself

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