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The Jellycat Tales - Jellycat's in the wild!

Our jellycats are a solid part of the Utility family. They have their own little personalities and get up to all kinds of mischief. Since we are all around the house a lot more these days, we have caught all of our fluffy friends red-handed up to their old tricks. From emptying the drinks cupboard to playing table tennis and of course constant napping! Our Jellycat's are well and truly living their best lives!

Meet Rolbie

Rolbie was born in a little village in the Lake District called Silecroft. He escaped the farm life and decided to embark on a far more residential journey. He now resides in Liverpool where he is an avid LFC fan (He even sneaks into the match by scurrying through the turnstiles) Rolbie loves his best friend Lola. You can find Rolbie taking naps with his new K-9 companion or running around the garden chasing his tail.

Likes: Sunny days, playing fetch with Lola, afternoon naps, Jurgen Klopp
Dislikes: Rain, exercise, early mornings

Meet Chico Chickadee

Chico the Chickadee is a fun loving chick. He and his friend Cash the Cockapoo spend their days together watching wrestling in their teepee and running around causing mischief! They dream of becoming tag team champions one day. Chico is currently learning the Ukulele but has only mastered one song so far. He likes to play the intro to Fast Car by Tracey Chapman again and again. In his down time he loves a good pamper and to listen to a podcast.

Likes: Pizza, cosy socks, old western films
Dislikes: Eggs

Meet Basil

Basil is always thirsty , especially at 5pm! His favourite drink is a rum punch although he is open to a nice cold G&T every now and then. Of course he always uses his reusable straw! #savetheturtles

Birthplace: Barbados
Likes: Being at Home, Rum Punch, sunbathing and a good book
Dislikes: Litterbugs and nosey neighbours 

Meet Brewdy Jenner

Brewdy is the only son of Kofe and Suga Jenner. Born in the Togolese Republic aka ToGo, he did not choose the mug life, it chose him. Find Brewdy full to the neck with speciality coffee with a smile on his face. He may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but Brewdy is a man of the people - championing reusable cups and fighting the good fight against single-use plastic.

Likes : Analog photography and being full to the neck with speciality coffee.
Dislikes : Single-use plastic, people who get on buses before everyone has gotten off and jokes about him not choosing the mug life.

Meet Señor Pulpo

Señor Pulpo... Or Señor Pulpito to his friends is an octopus of many skills! There is no limit to what this tentacled talent can achieve. He loves all things Asian Cuisine and aspires to be a sushi master. He mysteriously turned up on the doorstep one day with a bag of rice and some dreams. He is a musical mastermind, he raves and misbehaves, and of course is a table tennis champion!

Likes: Art, poetry and soft cheese
Dislikes: PDA

Meet Beetroot

Beetroot is always keeping busy! He loves helping out around the house, especially when it comes to getting a little green fingered... or should we say green trottered... So far he has helped to plant potatoes, scotch bonnet peppers, tomato plants and an array of herbs.

Birthplace: The Lake District
Likes: Gardening, sleeping in the sun, travelling and playing with his dog friends.
Dislikes: Baths and wasps.

Meet Colin

This is just a normal day in the life of colin. Of course he is sticking to the social distancing measures and frequently washing his hands! You better keep your eye on this little guy as he is always changing!

Birthplace: Madagascar
Likes: Changing, the fact that Boy George sang a song about me and Sauvignon Blanc!
Dislikes: Changing, (it gets tiring after a while), insects (not as tasty as you'd think), looking after all these house plants every day when I just want to be in disguise!

Meet Dexter

Introducing Dexter! This fun loving dragon is very much in touch with nature, he loves to give a helping hand in the kitchen... Although he does tend to burn things to a crisp with his fiery tongue.

Likes: Plants, Succulents, Baking
Dislikes: Spicy food (far too fiery)

Meet Avo

Avo loves cuddles in the sun with his best friend. He is a sleepy soul so you are sure to find him lounging about on a fluffy pillow or snuggled on the sofa watching his favourite films.

Likes: Disney films, poached eggs, sourdough
Dislikes: Dogs

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